School team


  • Mrs Delphine Dewulf headmaster
  • Mrs Francis De Witte headmaster
  • Mrs Hilde Graind’orge deputy headmaster

Organising body

The organising body has final responsibility in all school matters.
The members of this body are:

Members of the school board

  • Mr Jacques De Decker, chairman
  • Mrs Nic De Vos, vice-chairman
  • Mr Robert Vande Walle, secretary
  • Mr Jaak Blocken, member
  • Mrs Jacklien Broeckaert, member
  • Mrs Hilde De Coensel, member
  • Mr Dirk Naert, member

Members of the general council

  • Mrs Brigitte D’Hondt
  • Mr Marc Baisier

Pupils counselors

  • Mrs Marleen Vinck (1st cycle)
  • Mr Dominique Maes (2nd cycle)
  • Mrs Stijn Duhamel (3rd cycle and 7th form)

Cell educational guidance

The school has a cell for educational guidance where pupils can find any form of coaching or support. The assistance exists in support and aid for difficulties with learning or social and emotional problems.

The cell consists of:

  • The directorate
  • The pupils counselors
  • Mrs Lieve Botte (responsible for the pedagogical secretariat)
  • Mrs Lidwine Roaen (co-operator for educational and psychological guidance)