Multimedia room/open learning centre

SFI is bubbling over with activity and yet there is a place where you can relax for a while. During each break you can go to the multimedia centre/OLC to retire and escape the hustle and bustle of a school day.

If you enjoy books, this space may well be a small paradise. Here you can find a wide selection of (juvenile) literature. New books are regularly added to the collection.

The centre has also a considerable amount of reference books to help you doing your tasks. You can always ask the person in charge to help you with finding the proper information.

Each day two newspapers are at your disposal and there are also many magazines for perusal.

The trump card of the OLC is the computers which are at your disposal for doing tasks. Teachers often come to the OLC with their classes as part of monitored independent learning. However, gaming is not allowed.

Pupils of the 1st cycle attending the quiet after-school study period can do their tasks with the computer in the multimedia centre.

At the beginning of the school year the centre serves as a hub for the distribution of schoolbooks. After the schoolbooks have been sold in August you can still buy or exchange books throughout September.

Please, do come and have a look. You may get the itch for reading and Mrs. De Jaeger will heartily welcome you.